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Various - Coree: Musique Traditionnelle
Releasedatum: 31 december 2012
Rock to the rhythm of the Paper Dolls, an all-girl rock band trying to make it in the Portland, Oregon music scene. The Dolls are set to make it big with a record deal until they move into the house they christen The Doll House. During a two day raver at the house, the party, intended as the band's coming-out, degenerates into debauch marred by drunken recrimination and mudslinging. The next morning a dead body is found... and the Doll's world is forever changed. Outrageous and droll, and marked by an appreciation for the way aspiring musicians live and scrounge, 'Down & Out With The Dolls' is an underground comic book come to life. Featuring numerous cameos by real-life rockers, including Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Janis Tanaka (Pink), Coyote Shivers, and Inger Lorre (ex-Nymphs).

€ 20.99

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