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.hack//Sign, Vol. 5: Uncovered (Region 1) - Hack//Sign 5: Uncovered
Releasedatum: 18 november 2003
The group seems to have disbanded. BT doesn't log on much; neither does Subaru. Subaru, however, has been spending a lot of time with Tsukasa. When all the players meet on a field and renew their quest for the Key of the Twilight, BT informs both Sora and the Silver Knight of this new development. Tsukasa takes Subaru to see the sleeping girl, but she's gone. Later, the entity extracts her revenge for Tuskasa's mistake. Bear realizes that the man in the upside-down castle was Harald Hoerwick, creator of The World, and that he holds the key to this mystery. But they'll need some powerful assistance to find him again, so they contact Helba. Now, the final battle is dawning, and each of the party members must decide whether they should fight or not. In the end, they all agree. The Silver Knight even arrives to help protect Subaru. The only one missing now is Tsukasa...

DVD Extras:
Isolated Score Audio Track. Character Gallery. Japanese Trailer.

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