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Mamoru Oshii (Regio 1) - 3 Movie Box Set
Releasedatum: 31 oktober 2003
Talking Head It's nearly time for the debut of the most anticipated anime movie of the year, 'Talking Head'. There's just a few minor problems: the director has disappeared, and the movie isn't even started. Desperate to meet their deadline, the studio hires a 'migrant technical director' to fill for the missing director. His job? To discern the director's true vision and lead a very bizarre staff in the creation of a movie. But there's more going on here than just slipping deadlines. One by one, the staff is being murdered. And it's only a matter of time before the new director’s next on the list. Now he must play the role of detective as well as director, in a world where fantasy and reality seem to be merging into a unique and sinister world. Explore the world of anime from a complete new angle... if you've got the guts!

Stray Dog The Metropolitan Police's ultimate crime-fighting unit was an elite squad of men and women known as the Kerberos. A riot and uprising ensues when the unit refuses to acknowledge orders from government officials to disband. At the center of the riot is the leader of the Kerberos squad, Kouichi Todome who escpes after the fighting. Three years later, Inui is released from prison. A member of the Kerberos squad who served jail time for his participation in the riot, he wants nothing more to find his former master. However, the trail to Kouichi is a twisted one, involving a strange woman and a new and unimagined lifestyle. But when he finally finds him, he realizes that, instead of following his own path, he was following the orders of another.

The Red Spectacles As the world decayed into chaos, the Metropolitan Police had no choice but to fight back and create and elite police unit known as Kerberos... the Watchdogs of Hell. Over time, the zeal of the police force soon transformed into actions of cruelty and corruption. However, there of the elite rebelled against the system, but only detective Koichi Todome escaped. Several years later, he has now returned home. But why? What is left for him in this city that continues to decay? Kouichi must now determine who is friend and who is foe as he attempts to unravel what happened after he left. DVD Extras:
Stray Dog Original Soundtrack

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