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House That Dripped Blood, The R2 (Uk Import) - Duffell, Peter
Releasedatum: 27 oktober 2003
'The House That Dripped Blood' is another example of the portmanteau horror movies made by Amicus Productions. When a Scotland Yard police inspector in search of a missing horror film star visits the actor's home he discovers the strange history of the house and its previous tenants. Among them is a writer haunted by a serial killer of his own creation, a lonely recluse romantically obsessed with a waxwork figure of Salome which bears a startling resemblance to a woman from his past, and a strict father who is punished by his witchcraft-adept young daughter. Finally, the inspector uncovers the story of the missing horror film star and the mysterious vampire cloak which bestows unusual powers upon its wearer.

DVD Extras:
Commentary track with Peter Duffel and Jonathan Rigby. Interviews with Peter Duffel, Ingrid Pitt, Chloe Franks and Geoffrey Bayldon. Film gallery (pics, lobby cards, etc). Biographies. Reviews from the time the film was released. Film notes by Mark Miller.

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