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Doom Generation, The (Region 1) - Araki, Gregg
Releasedatum: 5 augustus 1998
This is the story about this hot chick and her loser boyfriend that begins one night at a nightclub where they listen to techno music. So anyway, they leave the club only to have this bleeding dude jump into the back of their car. The chick curses a lot and they visit many fast-food restaurants, rob a convenience store and meet up with people played by Margaret Cho, Amanda Bearse, Parker Posey, Perry Farrell, and Peter from "The Brady Bunch". Anyway, in the end they all become way more than friends and wind up being chased by a bunch of crazy neo-nazi jocks who want to kill them when all they want to do is ride off smoothly into the sunset eating Doritos.

DVD Extras:
Full Frame. 2.0 Dolby Surround. Digitally Mastered. Interactive menus. Spanish & French Subtitles. Theatrical Trailer. Cast Information.

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