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Various Artists - Desert Sessions (Volumes 9 & 10)
Releasedatum: 6 oktober 2003
P.J. Harvey herself in conclaaf met leden van Queens Of The Stone Age, Marilyn Manson Band, A Perfect Circle, Ween, Masters Of Reality & The Vandals. Resultaat: Erg fijne plaat!

Recording sessions organised by Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age this past February in Joshua Tree have yielded an autumn treat: a full album's worth of new songs featuring Polly Jean Harvey, Dean Ween (Ween), Alain Johannes (Eleven), Joshua Homme, Twiggy Ramirez (ex-Marilyn Manson), Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), Dave Catching (earthlings?, Mondo Generator), Joey Castillo (QOTSA), Josh Freese, Brian 'Big Hands' O'Connor, Troy Van Leeuwen and The Tuff Gentlemen. Written and recorded over eight days at the quickly-becoming-legendary Rancho de la Luna studio, Desert Sessions 9 & 10's dozen songs (plus two bonus numbers) run the proverbial gamut of style and arrangement: teutonic menace and siren's laments, heavy rock instrumentals and piano-rolled soul ditties, funked-up melancholia and new Neu-beat night music (1). It's hard to pick out highlights, really; check out the spooky, Bowie/Heroes-esque 'Dead in Love' (3); the sweet, sounds-exactly-like-it's-titled 'I Wanna Make It Wit Chu'; the off-kilter electroid group-piece 'Powdered Wig Machine'; and 'There Will Never Be a Better Time,' a striking duo collaboration between Polly Jean Harvey and Chris Goss that features Harvey's most intensely full-on vocals since To Bring You My Love. There's lap steel and slide guitar, crumar and piano, harmonica and mandolin, bass clarinaet and E-bow. There's the bizarro bluegrass of 'Creosote.' There's the railroad funk of 'Subcutaneous Phat,' which at 2:13 lays down what's likely to be the killer breakdown of the year. There is also 'Sheperd's Pie,' which, unfortunately, is not a Small Faces cover. What you hear is an audible sense of fun, of communal creativity being sparked in new, fascinating directions. It's music being made for the right reasons.

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