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Marley, Bob - Live In Santa Barbara
Releasedatum: 8 september 2003
In 1979 Bob Marley toured the world to support the newly released Survival album. The show he did in Santa Barbara was captured on video and for years it was only available as a bootleg. Now it has been re-released on DVD and it is great. The preformance is one of the wailers best, the addition of a hornsection makes it outstanding. The original video was 70 minutes long, the DVD adds a further 22 minutes of 7 songs that were not included in the original. Songs like ‘Wake Up and Live’, ‘Dem Belly Full’ and ‘So Much Things To Say’ are to be seen for the first time. The DVD contains more exclusive material, A 50 minute Trojan Documentary on Bob Marley, reggae and rastafari entitled ‘Prophecies & Messages’ and interview with fans shot in front a a different stageshow in the USA.

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