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Phantom Of The Opera (2pc) (Region 1) - Phantom Of Opera & Phantom Of Opera
Releasedatum: 9 september 2003
Beneath the splendid riches of the Paris Opera House lie ancient catacombs with a dark and forbidden secret. These vast underground rooms and passages were once used as torture chambers to satisfy the blood lust of a crazed population. Rumors abound that the Opera Ghost lives there still, vowing vengeance on the human race.

DVD Extras:
Disc One (1929 restored version, featuring two soundtrack):
Audio Commentary by Film Historian Scott MacQueen. 1925 & 1930 Theatrical Trailers. Stills Galleries Featuring Deleted & Missing Scenes. Bonus Audio-Only Feature: Selections of Dialogue Sequences from the 1930 Version Not Found in the Restored Version.
Disc Two (1925 Original Feature Version, with a score by Jon Mirsalis):
'Carla Laemmle Remembers', a Video Interview with David Skal. Faust Opera Extract from the 1929 Tiffany Sound Feature 'Midstream'. Bonus Audio-Only Feature: Cinematographer Charles Van Enger Interview.

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