Horror Tip

Nikos The Impaler - Schnaas, Andreas
Releasedatum: 11 augustus 2003
All of Romania feared Nikos, a bloodthirsty barbarian and cannibal, murderer of many. But one moonlit night, a courageous few, with torches clutched in their hands, put the ungodly monster to an end. Yet, with his dying words, the maniacal Nikos claimed not even death would stop him. Now, centuries later, at Manhattan's famed Bancroft Gallery, a spectacular Romanian art exhibition is in full swing, and all the beautiful people are there. But a botched robbery attempt has accidentally brought the monster back from the dead, and as the legend foretold, Nikos is hungry for blood! Brace yourself because it doesn't matter who you are, where you are... He WILL find you. And when he does, he will tear the screams RIGHT from your throat.

DVD Extras:
Interview. Making of. Slideshow. Musicvideos. Trailer. Isolated soundtrack. Uncut shower scene. Short movie. Running audio commentary by the director and metal score composer.

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