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Jetee, La/Sans Soleil (Uk Import) - Marker, Chris
Releasedatum: 1 januari 2006
La Jetee This unique film was the inspiration for Terry Gilliam's 'Twelve Monkeys'. It is a cinematic landmark using black and white stills almost entirely to narrate the story. Set in Paris destroyed by a third world war, the survivors have been forced to retreat underground where scientists conduct strange time travel experiments to escape from a terrible present to a better past or future...

Sans Soleil As in 'La Jetée', Marker transports the viewer to a different cinematic dimension. An unknown woman reads the writings of a cameraman who travels the world to produce a study of "the dreams of the human race". He is particularly attracted to the two extremes of Japan and Africa, and discusses the images that he creates with the woman, ever mindful of the astonishing store of memory he has created.

DVD Extras:
Booklet. 10 minute short film 'Chris on Chris' - profile of director Chris Marker by Charis Darke.

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