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Behind Convent Walls R2 (Uk Import) - Borowczyk, Walerian
Releasedatum: 14 juli 2003
Walerian Borowczyk's 'Behind Convent Walls' destroys the myth of the convent being a place of serene reverence and abstinence as a Mother Superior desperately attempts, with little success, to prevent the nuns in her charge from sampling the sinful pleasures of the flesh. Frustrated by their seclusion, the nuns turn to lesbianism, masturbation and sexual experimentation until the Church is called in to exact cruel and sadistic measures in order to end the outrageous behaviour. Not surprisingly, the tense conflict between the two parties in such a highly charged, erotic atmosphere leads to a dark and explosively dramatic climax. Loosely based on Stendhal's 'Promenades dans Rome', 'Behind Convent Walls' takes the viewer on an erotic journey through an amazing repertoire of sexual behaviour; a journey that questions the very natures of morality and eroticism. As is always the case with Borowczyk, the film is stylishly shot and filled with astonishing images that will both shock and entrance. Uncut.

DVD Extras:
'Behind The Walls' featurette. Picture gallery. Scene selection.

€ 27.99

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