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Truck Turner R2 (Uk Import-Dutch Subtitles) - Kaplan, Jonathan
Releasedatum: 7 juli 2003
Isaac Hayes and Yaphet Kotto star in this powerful, pull-out-the-stops crime thriller from director Jonathan Kaplan. It's a gritty, action-packed tale of the streets, pulsating with ultra-smooth soul, high-octane energy and nonstop suspence. Truck Turner (Hayes) is a footbal star-turned-bounty hunter who's tracking a sadistic pimp on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Armed with his brute strength and ace cool partner (Alan Weeks), Truck closes in on his mark. But a tragic accident soon changes all the rules, and suddenly the hunter finds himself being hunted by the city's deadliest hired killers! Truck strikes back in a series of wild car chases, shootouts and bone-crunching fistfights, knowing that the battles can leads to only one place: an intense struggle to the death against Harvard Blue (Kotto), the brutal leader of LA's organised crime syndicate.

DVD Extras:
Original theatrical trailer. Interactive menu screens. Chapter selections.

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