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Wonder Seven R2 (Uk Import) - Ching, Siu-Ting
Releasedatum: 30 juni 2003
'Wonder Seven' is a high-octane bulletfest starring Michelle Yeoh in one of her sexiest roles as a leather-clad assassin. Fei, Dragon, Monk, Tiny, Nanny, Superman and Steelbar are the Wonder Seven, a group of highly trained government agents skilled in the martial arts. They are called out of temporary "retirement" to prevent a former Red Army colonel and his arms-smuggling cohorts from getting their hands on a potentially valuable encrypted keycard. When part of the mission goes wrong, the Seven find themselves wrongly accused of murder. Further complications arise when their leader, Fei (Li Ning), and the deadly criminal assassin, Ying (Michelle Yeoh), fall for each other...

DVD Extras:
Theatrical trailers. Biographies and filmographies of cast and filmmaker. Official production stills gallery. Scene selection. Fully interactive moving menus.

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