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Zombie Nosh R2 (Uk Import) - Hinzman, Bill
Releasedatum: 23 juni 2003
A bunch of attractive college kids set out on a hayride. They come to rest at a picnic site, unbeknown to them once the setting for barbaric satanic rituals and rumoured cannibalism. By accident, the sinister forces of a bygone era are unleashed and a blood-lusting "Zomole" emerges from its tomb. The youngsters seek refuge in an old farmhouse but the phone lines are dead, the power's been cut and time is running out. As the zombie makes a meal of his young prey, each victim in turn replicates its living dead master and begins seeking out his own mates for immortality in a hell of eternal darkness. Uncut.

DVD Extras:
Interactive menu. Scene selection. Picture gallery. Promo trailer.

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