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Noir-Volume 4 R2 (Uk Import) - Eps 13-16
Releasedatum: 17 november 2003
In a world where no one is what they seem, faith and trust become the key objectives and ultimate goal. Driven by the machinations of the mysterious Chloe, Althena and an all new crime family, Kirika and Mireille must fight for their lives both at home and abroad as the action explodes across the globe. Yet even as the mystery surrounding the origins of Noir slowly begins to give up its clues, the two assassins find themselves being driven apart, both by conflicting emotions and by conflicting goals. The survival of Noir is at stake in the fourth tension-filled volume of 'Noir'.

DVD Extras:
Interview with Kotono Mitsuishi. Production Sketches. Clean Opening and Closing. Original Japanese Promos. ADV Previews.

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