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Mark Of The Devil R2 Ws (Dutch Subtitles) - Armstrong, Michael
Releasedatum: 20 juni 2003
Superstition and witchcraft torment the people in the 17th century. A rural witch hunter terrorises a provincial town. He rapes the women, tortures them on the rack and burns them at the stake! A charming young girl (Olivera Vuco) and the young assistant to the Chief Inspector (Udo Kier) conspire to put an end to the foul deeds of this libertine. However, they fall into greater danger when the Inquisitor (Herbert Lom) arrives in the town to commence his dreaded trials. He accuses the young girl of witchcraft and subjects her to terrifying cross-examination. The young assistant, who has so far been loyal to his master, is conscience-stricken. Should he really believe that his beloves is a witch? Under dramatic circumstances he learns the true nature of his master - his sexual hysteria and the perverse background of his blood-thirsty punishments.

DVD Extras:
Audio commentary by director Michael Armstrong moderated by Jonothan Sothcott. 'Marked By The Devil' interview with Michael Armstrong. Extensive stills and poster gallery. Trailer. Biographies. Liner notes.

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