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Transformers R2 (Vanilla Version-No Extra's) - The Movie (No Extra's!)
Releasedatum: 2 juni 2003
Beyond Good, Beyond Evil, Beyond Your Wildest Imagination
The first big screen outing for 80s classic animation - The Transformers! There's an evil new force in the universe. A monster planet that devours everything in its path... and it's heading for the small planet of Cybertron, where a unique race of transforming robots continue to fight a civil war... a war between good and evil that has raged for millions of years. The evil Decepticon Transformers, led by the maniacal Megatron have sworn to crush their enemies the Autobots. To this end, they have relentlessly pursued them across the galaxy from planet Cybertron to planet Earth and back again. But the heroic Autobot Transformers and their courageous leader Optimus Prime, are not easily defeated... Featuring the voices of Orson Welles, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Idle and Judd Nelson.

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