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Bronx Warriors, The R2 (Uk Import) - Castellari, Enzo G
Releasedatum: 26 mei 2003
When the Bronx is officially declared a high risk district, the authorities give up any attempts to enforce the law. From that moment on, The Riders reign - but their mortal enemies, The Zombies, The Tigers and The Scavengers, do not go quietly into the night. For them, killing is second nature and death means nothing. The acrid smell of fear and hate tears at the nostrils as the murdering warrior gangs of the Bronx unite to defend their homeland, sewer by sewer. Join Hammer (a scenery-chewing Vic Morrow), Ogre (Fred Williamson), Hot Dog (Christopher Connelly), Ice (Josh Sinclair), Golan (George Eastman) and Trash (Mark Gregory) in director Enzo Castellari's uncut Bronx Warriors (which owes more than a little to Mad Max and The Warriors). Theirs is a war of brutality with a unique prize: to the victor goes the Bronx!

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