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Shinjuku Triad Society R2 (Uk Import) - Takashi, Miike
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
The first of three films, linked by theme rather than by character or story, which form Miike Takashi's acclaimed 'Triad Society Trilogy' (followed by 'Rainy Dog' and 'Ley Lines'), 'Shinjuku Triad Society' (1995) charts the bloody gangland battle for control over Tokyo's seedy Sinjuku district. When the Dragon's Claw gang from Taiwan attempts a take-over of the dope, extortion and gay prostitution rackets run by the ruling Japanese Yakuza, a lone cop predicts carnage. In a crusade against the gangs, the cop single-handedly attempts to stem the growing tide of violence. But, when he discovers that the cop's younger brother is in fact the lover of one of the gang leaders, chaos ensues... Containing all of the trademarks of Japan's number one maverick film-maker, 'Shinjuku Triad Society' is a ferocious cocktail of twisted action, pervserse humour and stylish violence that will blow you away.

DVD Extras:
Star and director filmographies. Miike Takashi interview. Tom Mes film notes. Original trailer. Miike Takashi trailer reel. Scene selection. Region 0.

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