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Vintage Erotica R0 (Region 1) - Anno 1940
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2004
Be it painting, sculpture, engraving or lithography, each time a new art form is born, it 's not long before artists use it to express their erotic or pornographic fantasies. Photography and Cinema were no exception. In succession of the Cult Epics release of the 1930's, we continue our Vintage Erotica series with rare erotic films from the 1940's, a time when half of the world was at war. Made in France, this collection starts out with a series of lesbian films, followed by XXX-rated parodies of Santa Claus and hospital nurses, as well introducing body painting, nudist camp films and spanking, which became very popular in the 50's. Includes SOFT and HARDCORE ADULT MATERIAL.

DVD Extras:
15 short chaptered films, film Selection in French and English, photo Gallery 1900-1940, new transfer and remastering, new music.

€ 28.99

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