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Once Upon A Time In China Trilogy (Special Collector's Edition) - Hark, Tsui
Releasedatum: 7 april 2003
'Once upon a time in China & America' is one of the biggest budget Hong Kong movies of all time, taking over $20 million at the box office, and combines the talents of Director, Sammo Hung, and Producer, Tsui Hark, together with a heady mix of gunplay and Kung Fu action with Jet Li proving that the fastest guns in the West are no match for the fastest hands in the East... Wong Fei Hung, (Jet Li) together with his fiancée (Rosamund Kwan) and devoted sidekick, Seven (Yueng Pan Pan) find themselves in the Wild West in search of new horizons. However, an early confrontation with Native American Indians renders Jet unconscious and parted from his group. When he comes to, he finds he has lost his memory but the one thing that is still clear in his mind is the ability to fight with lightening speed. The warriors of the tribe are amazed at his unique abilities and offer him respect and friendship. Unable to communicate, he manages through sign language to persuade them to help him find his true identity leading to countless action packed encounters on his path to be reunited with his friends. Action superstar Jet Li ('Romeo Must Die') returns once again as legendary Chinese Martial Artist, Wong Fei Hung in 'Once Upon a time in China and America'.

DVD Extras:
Hong Kong Theatrical Trailer. US Theatrical Trailer. Exclusive 30 minute 'Making Of' Featurette. Fully Interactive Moving Menus. Scene Selection. Extensive Biographies & Filmographies of Cast and Filmmaker. The Legend of Wong Fei Hung. Exclusive 'Behind the Scenes' Stills Gallery. Official Production Stills Gallery. Widescreen version with English subtitles. Full screen English language version.

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