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Bichunmoo R2 (Special 2 Disc Edition) - Young-Jun, Kim
Releasedatum: 31 maart 2003
'Bichunmoo' is a sweeping epic fantasy packed with incredible special effects, martial arts wizardry, breathtaking action sequences, sumptuous costume design and stunning cinematography. Based on an immensely popular Korean comic book from the 1980s, the film is set in 14th Century China and tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers, the orphan Yu Jinha (Hyun-joon Shin) and Sullie (Hee-seon Kim), the daughter of Mongol general Taruga. Wishing to form an alliance with a powerful warlord, Taruga promises his daughter's hand in marriage to his potential ally. Attempting to prevent the wedding from going ahead, Jinha is apparently killed by Taruga's bodyguards and, believing her lover to be dead, Sullie agrees to the marriage. However, unknown to Sullie, Jinha is still alive and soon learns the truth regarding his past...

DVD Extras:
Feature length audio commentary. Trailer archive. Interview gallery with leading cast members. Production featurettes. Photo gallery with original lobby cards and poster artwork. Out-takes and behind the scenes footage. Stunt workshop detailing sequences from the movie. Isolated soundtrack. Fully animated themed menus.

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