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Variable Geo Neo: Complete Collecti (Region 1) - Yoshikawa, Hanasei
Releasedatum: 13 november 2012

Busty Beauties Battle It Out! Variable Geo - an all-girl fighting league where the winner walks away with an incredible fortune and the losers are stripped of their dignity and raped for the amusement of the spectators. Yuu Asuka dreams of winning the money so she can save her brother's restaurant, but first, she must battle her way through the world's sexiest martial artists! The list of Yuu's buxom competitors includes her childhood friend Misumi, who isn't about to miss a chance to finally beat Yuu. Unfortunately, Misumi doesn't know anything about the penalties for losing, and she's been selected as Yuu's opponent in Round 1! Will Yuu sacrifice her own dream in order to save her friend from the terrible punishment that awaits the loser? Also known as ''V.G. Neo,'' Variable Geo Neo is a three-part, original video animation inspired by the Giga Variable Geo video game. Features: Art galleries, English outtakes, original U.S. trailers, and Critical Mass Video trailers. Adults 18 and over only!

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