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Violent Professionals, The R2 (Uncut) - Martino, Sergio
Releasedatum: 7 april 2003
Sergio Martino's 'Violent Professionals' (a.k.a Milano trema - la polizia vuole giustizia) is one of the classics of the Italian "Poliziotti" genre. Luc Merenda stars as detective Giorgio Caneparo, out to put blow a hole in every bad guy's head. Angry that the press merely publicises the murder of his boss and no one actually does anything about it, Merenda delves into the criminal underworld to become part of a large terrorist network hell-bent on destroying the Italian government by robbing banks and murdering random people. 'Violent Professionals' features plenty of car chases, car crashes, senseless violence, sleazy situations, bloody shootings, and dumb dialogue. A must for fans of Italian exploitation movies!

DVD Extras:
Interactive menu. Scene selection. Picture gallery. Promo trailer.

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