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Careful R0 - Maddin, Guy
Releasedatum: 4 april 2003
Internationally acclaimed cult director Guy Maddin ('Tales From The Gimli Hospital', 'Archangel') scales new heights of cinematic strangeness in 'Careful', a weird, funny and unforgettable parable of sexual repression set in an Alpine village. "Be Careful." "Never hold a baby's face near an open pin." "Never gamble with life." These are the bizarre warnings that the good people of Tolzbad live by. But most importantly, they must never utter loud sounds lest they cause an avalanche. Sheepskins are hung in windows to muffle noise and the vocal chords of all animals have been severed to insure quiet and safety. Sound is not the only thing that must be suppressed, however, For Tolzbad is a hotbed of repressed desires, Oedipal angst, and sibling rivalry. And, it only takes one young man's incestuous dream to trigger an emotional avalanche replete with suicides, ghostly visions, forbidden romances and murder. Shot in bright, vivid color reminiscent of early two-strip Technicolor, 'Careful' is a visually dazzling, dream-like, quasi-Freudian masterpiece that parodies the German mountain films of the 1920's and authentically recreates the surrealistic style of such famous German Expressionist films as 'Nosferatu' and The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari'.

DVD Extras:
"Waiting For Twilight": A 60 Minute documentary about Guy Maddin and his work, audio commentary track by Guy Maddin and writer George Toles.

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