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Ufo Ultramaiden: Collection (Region 1) - Ufo Ultramaiden: Collection
Releasedatum: 11 september 2012

Valkyrie is a member of the Intergalagtic Royal Family of Valhalla. She is elegant, beautiful and a really bad driver. She crashes her spaceship right through the roof of the Tokino bathhouse and onto the head of its owner, Kazuto. To save his life, Valkyrie gives up half of her very soul. Oddly enough, it works! Katzuto is resurrected! But, there's one small side effect: Valkyrie. She has transformed into half her age. She's cute, cuddly and nutty as a pit-bull. (And then things start to get weird.) Valkyrie and Kazuto fall in love. Housekeeping cat girl Ms. Sanada is sent to protect Vakyrie. Hydra the warrior princess has some size issues. Princess Laine has some shopping issues. Earthly sweetheart Akina has some emotional issues. And, Valkryie's dog Spot has some issue issues. So grab a towel and take a dip into the silly, sexy space-romp - UFO Ultramaiden. It's time to answer the age-old question of the universe - does size matter?

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