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Shaolin Kung Fu R2 (Uk Import) - Kuo, Joseph
Releasedatum: 24 maart 2003
A classic tale of revenge, Shaolin Kung Fu stars real-life all China Kung Fu champion, Wen-Chiang Long as a young rickshaw driver constantly bullied by his rivals but unable to fight back due to a vow he has made to his mother. However, the brutal rape of his sister pushes him over the edge and sets him on a bloody path of vengeance as he systematically takes out his enemies using his deadly and unbeatable Shaolin Kung Fu skills. Produced by the legendary Joseph Kuo, Shaolin Kung Fu features some of the most intense martial arts fight sequences ever to grace the screen.

DVD Extras:
Original Hong Kong theatrical trailers. Scene selection. Previews of other Old Skool Kung Fu titles. Fully interactive moving menus.

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