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Crime Story R2 Ws (Chan, Jackie) - Wong, Kirk
Releasedatum: 24 maart 2003
'Crime Story' sees superstar Jackie Chan teaming up with visionary Kirk Wong for his darkest and most dramatic work to date. Based on an amazing true story, 'Crime Story' stars Chan as an undercover cop assigned to protect a wealthy businessman who claims he is about to be the target of a gang of kidnappers.

It turns out the businessman is actually using the police to protect himself from his disgruntled employees, to whom he owes money. However, following a daring ambush, he really is kidnapped and held to ransom. Joining forces with a respected senior detective, Chan finds himself caught in an impenetrable web of treachery and deception as he attempts to solve the case. As the investigation unfolds, he begins to suspect those closest to him may not be all they appear...

DVD Extras:
Feature length audio commentary with Hong Kong cinema expert Bey Logan. Trailer archive. Interview gallery with action director Bruce Law and scriptwriter Teddy Chen. Behind the scenes footage. Fully animated themed menus.

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