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Vampire Lovers, The R0 (Uk Import) - Baker, Roy Ward
Releasedatum: 16 augustus 2004
Buxom vamps and bloodthirsty beauties abound in this vintage slice of Hammer horror, based on Sheridan Le Fanu's classic tale 'Carmilla', that showcases the netherworld's most voluptuous vampire. Carmilla (Ingrid Pitt) barely shows her age. She has a great body, milky white skin and... a thirst for blood! Travelling the countryside searching for victims, she wastes no time in quenching that thirst with the best-looking villagers she can find. Planning to seduce her way into eternity, she unleashes a murderous sexual massacre on a small town. But leave it to the local gentry (among them Peter Cushing as General von Spielsdorf) to fight back... as the men plot to drive a stake through the heart of this sexy, savage killer.

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