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Bangkok Haunted R0 (Uk Import) - Praesaengaim, Pisuth
Releasedatum: 30 maart 2009
A portmanteau horror movie co-directed by Oxide Pang (Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye) and Pisuth Pra Esa Eng-Iam. In a small local bar in Bangkok, three young women, Jieb, Pan and Nop, talk of their lives and their individual experiences of the supernatural. First Jieb, a young antiques dealer, tells of the strange and haunting dreams that appear to be related to the acquisition of a seventy-year-old drum. Through these dreams she begins to comprehend the disturbing occurences of her past with an uncanny clarity. Second of all, Pan, a twenty-five-year old woman looking for love, tells of how she was introduced to a mysterious and exotic essence.

Excited by the scent's apparent power to attract an ideal partner, she is soon shocked to discover that it has a sinister effect which only makes itself felt when it is far too late. Finally, Nop relays the story of a female suicide which is investigated by a policewoman who suspects that things are not as they seem. As her investigation proceeds, the trauma of the victim's life are uncovered and the shocking truth behind her death is revealed. Eerie and disturbing, each of of these stories is sure to curdle your blood and chill your spine...

DVD Extras:
Star and director filmographies. Making of documentary. Promotional art gallery. Justin Bowyer film notes. Original theatrical trailer. Asia Extreme trailer reel. Scene selection. Thai dialogue 2.0 Stereo. Region 0.

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