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Saucy Cinema Collection R2 (Uk Import) -
Releasedatum: 23 mei 2011
DISC 1 SIDE A - Buford's Beach Bunnies starring JIM HANKS, RIKKI BRANDO and MONIQUE PARENT directed by MARK PIRRO Harry Buford, owner of the all rabbit fast-food restaurant 'Bunny Hole' has a problem that only his most trusted waitresses can help him with. His only son, Jeeter, has a lifelong fear of women, something Harry wants rectified before handing over the family business. With a $100,000 incentive these enterprising girls must think of ways to trick, cajole or seduce their way to a fortune! DISC 1 SIDE B - The Erotic Adventures Of The Three Musketeers starring NINA HARTLEY, BRITT MORGAN and RON JEREMY directed by NORMAN APSTEIN Adult cinema's hottest stars including Nina Hartley, Martine Helene, Britt Morgan and Ron Jeremy all come forth in a raunchy retelling of Dumas' classic tale of lusty ladies, randy rogues and screwed scoundrels. Traci Winn stars as a beautiful maiden who is determined to become the forth musketeer, even if it means taking on every sword in the kingdom. She may duel like a man but can she love like a woman? Who is behind the dastardly plot to defile the Queen's scrumptious jewels? And on a mission fraught with peril, what pleasures will our heroes taste along the way? DISC 2 SIDE a - Trader Hornee starring BUDDY PANTSARI, ELIZABETH MONICA and JOHN ALDERMAN directed by TSANUSDI Hamilton Hornee is the private detective hired by a bank to find the missing child of a famed African explorer. 15 years previously her parents were slain in the jungle by savage natives and he s to establish if by some miracle she has survived. If the girl is found, she will now be 21 years of age and will inherit the multi-million dollar estate of her father. Hornee and his Girl Friday, Jane, head the search party, which includes Max and Doris Matthews, cousins of the late wealthy explorer. If the missing girl is not found, they get to inherit the money. A jungle adventure with a difference, packed with good bawdy fun! DISC 2 SIDE b - Emanuelle's Sweet Revenge starring LAURA GEMSER, BARBARA ARNOW and RUTH GOODMAN directed by STANEY F. RICHMAN The beautiful Emanuelle's lust for life and all its luxuries, are only equalled by her unerring desire for wealth. She meets a rich and successful businessman and eventually their courtship leads to marriage. Emanuelle soon realises her mistake, she finds herself a victim of her husband's sexual depravity, as his demands become more and more bizarre. Not wanting to lose her new found wealth, Emanuelle hires a hit man to kill her husband, ensuring that she is to inherit his wealth. The hit man however, has other ideas and blackmails Emanuelle, wanting her and her riches for himself. A gripping tale of lust, greed, passion and murder. DISC 3 SIDE a - Expose Me Now starring RON JEREMY, HERSCHEL SAVAGE and DANIELLE directed by JOE SHERMAN Shane and Able are brothers who are poles apart. While Shane spends his time doing good deals, Able spend his time doing...well...any female he can get his hands on. When the boy's rich uncle dies and cuts Able from his will, leaving his entire fortune to Shane, something must be done! With the help of a team of naughty and amply proportioned assistants, Able is going to do everything in his power to steal the fortune by turning Shane over to the darker side of life. DISC 3 SIDE b - The Erotic Adventures Of Zorro starring DOUGLAS FREY, ROBYN WHITTING and PENNY BORAN directed by ROBERT FREEMAN When evil tyrant Luis Bonasario enslaves the people of 19th Century Los Angeles, Don Diego de Vega, 'the greatest swordsman in Spain', returns from Madrid to make the world safe for truth, justice, and naked women! Posing by day as a limp-wristed pansy (who rides a white donkey and clutches a parasol), Don Diego secretly becomes Zorro at night, brandishing his long, quick rapier!

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