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Puppet Master Collection (9 Discs) (Region 0) -
Releasedatum: 12 november 2010

Master puppeteer Andre Toulon (William Hickey, Prizzi's Honor, In the Name of the Rose) has discovered the secret of lifeor is it the secret of death? The result is five killer puppets, each uniquely qualified for murder and mayhem.

Tunneler has a nasty habit of boring holes in people with his drill-bit head. Leech Woman regurgitates killer leeches that suck her victims dry. Pinhead strangles his enemies with his powerful, vice-like hands. Blade has a gleaming hook for one hand and a razor-sharp knife for the other. And Jester, the brains of the bunch, is just plain mean.

Together, they're an army of skilled assassins, genetically programmed to guard the deadly secrets of the PUPPET MASTER. Now, for the first time, all nine films in the PUPPET MASTER series are available in one horrifying collection.

PUPPET MASTER: In director David Schmoeller's taut chiller, perverse master puppeteer Andre Toulon harnesses the power of ancient Egyptian magic to breathe life into his crew of marionettes, who morph into demonic killers. Many years later, a group of modern psychics looking for clues to explain a mutual friend's mysterious suicide end up trapped in a creepy hotel stalked by Toulon's miniature assassins.

PUPPET MASTER 2: HIS UNHOLY CREATIONS: A gang of ghoulish, supernatural puppets uses an Egyptian brain serum to resurrect their long-dead creator, Andre Toulon , who promptly orders his marionette minions to drain the brains of a team of scientists. Meanwhile, Toulon falls for Carolyn , whom he believes to be the reincarnation of his lost love. Pinhead, Leech Woman, Blade and Tunneler are all back for more in this gory sequel

PUPPET MASTER 3: TOULON'S REVENGE: French puppeteer Andre Toulon attracts the Nazis' attention with his anti-Hitler productions, which feature a cast of magical string-free marionettes. The Gestapo promptly kill his wife and pursue Toulon's animation formula to create a zombie army. Enlisting the help of his faithful creations, Toulon pulls the strings on a very gory revenge plan in this clever prequel to the first two films in the horror franchise.

PUPPET MASTER 4: THE DEMON : With the help of a psychic, scientist Rick and his cohorts find the trunk of dead French puppeteer Andre Toulon. Its contents include several amazing puppet creations -- and an ancient animation serum stolen from Egyptian wizards. Rick injects the puppets, who are reanimated just in time to battle a team of ruthless demons sent to reclaim the serum in this bloody-good fourth installment of the popular cult horror franchise.

PUPPET MASTER 5: THE FINAL CHAPTER: Charged with protecting the magical puppets of Andre Toulon, Rick must face off against minions sent by the evil Dr. Jennings and a demon beast sent from the Netherworld. Luckily, Blade, Six Shooter, Pinhead, Decapitron and the rest of the puppet gang are loyal to their new master and ready for battle in the cult franchise's fifth installment, which features special effects by ace stop-motion animator David W. Allen.

PUPPET MASTER 6: CURSE OF THE PUPPET MASTER: In the sixth installment of the Puppet Master horror series, we follow the evil Dr. Magrew as he foolishly attempts to re-create the genius of puppet master Andre Toulon, whose puppets he now owns. Toulon's puppets have watched silently as Magrew experimented on his own assistant and performed all sorts of atrocities to achieve that end. Now, they're ready to give Magrew a taste of his own medicine.

PUPPET MASTER 7: RETRO PUPPET MASTER: In this prequel to the horror franchise, it's 19th-century Paris, and a young Andre is visited by a 3,000-year-old sorcerer who shares the ancient secret of installing the souls of the dying into inanimate objects. The problem is that the secret has been stolen from a god -- and the god wants it back.

PUPPET MASTER: THE LEGACY: Eighth in a series, This installment centers on recurring character Eric Weiss , who, now an adult, is determined to discover André Toulon's secrets for bringing inanimate objects to life. Eric tells a beauty named Maclain all he knows of Toulon's dark arts, unaware that Maclain hides dark secrets of her own.

PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL: As World War II rages, Danny dreams of battling Nazis and becoming a real hero. When he discovers an Axis plot to destroy a key U.S. facility, Danny teams with a group of vicious and deadly puppets to derail the enemy invaders. Set in Los Angeles, this horror film largely eschews computer-generated visual effects in favor of traditional puppets, which heighten the film's frightening sense of reality.

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