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Mutants (Region 1) - Morley, David
Releasedatum: 26 oktober 2010

Like David Cronenberg’s The Fly, co-writer and director David Morley’s fright flick MUTANTS turns the horror genre on its head and makes it personal. It’s one thing to kill a zombie. But what if the zombie was someone you loved? ER doctor Sonia (Helene de Fougerolles) and her boyfriend Marco (Francis Renaud) take refuge in an abandoned base when a pandemic has turned almost everyone in the world into a flesh-eating monster. But one of the creatures infects Marco and soon Sonia is fighting off zombies, dealing with her own pregnancy and desperately hoping for a cure as Marco literally disintegrates before her eyes. Finally, Sonia faces the truth: the one man worth fighting for has become the one man she must fight against to survive.

€ 36.99

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