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70s Drive-In Horror: Ruby / Kiss Of (Region 1) - 70s Drive-In Horror: Ruby / Kiss Of
Releasedatum: 2 november 2010

Now available in a new digital film transfer from the original 35mm negative and in the restored, director s theatrical cut. She s sweet sixteen and her mama (Piper Laurie the mother in the horror classic Carrie) wants to send her away. The deaf-mute daughter retaliates by calling up the spirit of her murdered father and in one terrifying night of horror, he exacts his revenge. RT: 85min, Color, 1.85:1, R, 1977

KISS OF THE TARANTULA: Mommy and Daddy operate and live in a mortuary with their daughter, Susan, who collects tarantula spiders and has always been ostracized by her friends because... well she s a little bit strange. In true schlocky b-movie horror fashion, this is a real All-American Dysfunctional Family! So when Susan discovers that mommy dearest is plotting to have dear old dad killed... well this puts sweet little Susie over the top and she pulls out all the stops, making good use of her father s mortuary and her creepy little playmates to exact horrendous revenge! A 70 s drive-in classic!RT: 85 min, Color, 1.85:1, PG, 1975

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