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Herman Cohen Classic Horror: Horror (Region 1) - Herman Cohen Classic Horror: Horror
Releasedatum: 2 november 2010

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM: London is fear struck, and Scotland Yard is baffled by a series of strange murders that have plagued the city. Stories of the atrocities, by crime journalists Edmond Bancroft (Michael Gough yes, the same loveable Alfred Pennyworth from the new Batman movies), come to their own conclusions missed by the Yard. This is because of the fact that Edmond is behind these horrible crimes in order to create material for his writing. Along with his assistant, Rick (Graham Curnow) who helps him run a private Black Museum filled with murder and torture devices. We have also included the original American International introduction called Hypno-Vista, featuring Emile Franchel...Registered Psychologist, which greeted all American theatergoers on its initial release. Features the classic eyeball-gouging binoculars scene. Digitally Remastered & Restored 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen RT: 94 min, Color, 2.35:1, NR, 1959 REALLY GRUESOME!!!

THE HEADLESS GHOST: Three foreign exchange students, Americans Ronnie, Bill and Danish Ingrid, go on a daytrip to the supposedly haunted Ambrose Castle. The students decide to spend the night in the castle to find out if it really is haunted and meet the ghost of the Fourth Earl of Ambrose and various other spooks. 62 min, B&W, 2.35:1, NR, 1976.

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