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Faces Of Schlock (Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 21 september 2010

Hilarious, campy and loaded with gratuitous nudity and gore, the FACES OF SCHLOCK “BOOBS AND BLOOD” EDITION DVD is an outstanding film anthology from “…4 of the best underground filmmakers you’ve never heard of” (Bloody-Disgusting.com).  A contemporary DIY aesthetic re-interprets the classic horror-host formula into a “…equal parts Silly, Scary, Inventive and Imaginative” (Bloody-Disgusting.com) collection of sexy witches, malevolent spirits, reanimated limbs and slaying Santas.


The Ultimate Cheesy, Sleazy, Boobs-and-Blood-Soaked Homage to ‘80s Horror!

Blood Witch

Obsessed with revenge, a young woman uses occult powers to summon a seventeenth century witch to perform diabolical deeds.  Directed by Andrew Shearer, starring Monica Puller and Countess Samela.


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