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Terror Overload (Region 1) - Johnson, Brant
Releasedatum: 11 mei 2010
A creepy truck driver (Joe Knetter) spins a trilogy of terrifying tales to sexy, stranded motorist, Debbie (Scarlet Salem). The journey into the macabre begins with “Dinner Date”, then to “Lot Lizard” and finally the shocking, “Mongo Chupa”. As the stories unfold, Debbie begins to suspect she might be the next chapter in the Devil Driver’s Story.

Terror Overload features a dynamic cast composed of some of the hottest up and coming talents in the horror business including Scarlet Salem, Rachel Grubb, Nicole Kruex and the legendary Ari Lehman, best known as the original Jason Voorhees. Jam packed with gore, horror, blood, sex, sleaze and quite a bit of gratuitous nudity, Terror Overload is one movie that shouldn’t be missed!

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