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Standhal Syndrome, The R2 (Uk Import) - Argento, Dario
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2010
Gorgeous Euro starlet Asia Argento (XXX) grows weak and is stripped naked in the presence of beauty in this gruelling giallo from genre master, and Daddy; Dario Argento!

A young police officer, who sufferers from a rare form of hallucinatory disorder which causes her to blackout when looking at works of art, finds herself in the custody of the sadistic murder shes been sent to apprehend after he uses her affliction to ensnare her. Can Anna summon enough strength and courage to escape his clutches and stop him once and for all?

The Stendhal Syndrome is a hyper-stylised thriller that stands as Argentos cruelest film and is now presented here uncut and uncensored.

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