Horror Tip

Scarce R2 (Uk Import) - Cook, Jesse T.
Releasedatum: 8 maart 2010
Snowbound thrills and cannibalistic chills highlight co-writer/directors John Geddes and Jesse Cook's frostbitten shocker about three snowboarders fighting for their lives in an isolated mountain cabin. They were returning from a weekend of snowboarding when a sudden winter storm left them stranded in the wilderness. But while the cozy cabin in the woods seemed to offer salvation, these three friends had no idea of the horrors that lurk therein. The cabin's owners are famished, and it's going to take more than venison to satisfy their ravenous appetites. Now, as the bloodied snowboarders realize they're about to become the special of the day, the vicious flesh-eaters find that their next meal isn't going to come easy.

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