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Zombie Holocaust) R2 (Uk Import) - Martin, Frank
Releasedatum: 22 maart 2010
We have a right to a few minutes of fame, even if they are our last; so believe the two filmmakers we follow in Suicide. They dont wish to question why people want to immortalize their suicidal deaths. They just offer an opportunity to become the focus of attention at least one last time. As the filmmakers become torn between sympathy for their customers and greed for the money they are being paid, how far will they go? By filming the events, are they becoming accomplices the the deaths? And ny watching, how drawn do we become? Suicide exploits the camera in an ultra-real way and challenges our emotions more and more with each episode. An experience shared by the cast and crew during production. Every scene was shot in one take. This had to be enough because the actors and crew couldn't bear trying it a second time.....

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