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Tower Of London R2 (Uk Import) - Lee, Rowland V.
Releasedatum: 1 maart 2010
It's the 15th century and Richard Duke of Gloucester (Basil Rathbone, The Hound of the Baskervilles, If I Were a King) has set out to eliminate those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England (Ian Hunter). With a little help from his club-footed executioner, Mord (the legendary Boris Karloff), each murder is accomplished, and one by one Richard takes particular delight in removing small figurines, each resembling one of the successors, from a throne-room dollhouse, until he alone remains.

After the death of his brother Edward he finally becomes Richard III, King of England, and need only defeat the exiled Henry Tudor to retain power. This atmospheric Shakespearean horror-drama also stars Vincent Price in one of his first screen appearances and Barbara O'Neil (Gone with the Wind).

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