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Human Cobras (Region 1) - Human Cobras
Releasedatum: 12 januari 2010
Gangster Tony Gardner (George Ardisson) receives news that his brother Johnny has been murdered. Watched at every turn by a mysterious figure, Tony manages to make contact with his brother's wife, Leslie (Erika Blanc), and uncovers evidence that a man by the name of Mortimer (Luciano Pigozzi) may be behind the assassination. Tony is able to track him down, but Mortimer is also murdered shortly after. Tony and Leslie must then go to Nairobi, Kenya, to find Johnny's other business partner, as everything seems to indicate that he's the murderer.

Human Cobras is a rare and in some way unique giallo-thriller from the seventies. The main character, played by Italian genre veteran Giorgio Ardisson, is really darker than expected, and the Kenyan exotic setting is highly unusual for this kind of movie and at the same time visually striking. Human Cobras was co-written by specialist Ernesto Gastaldi (The Horrible Dr. Hichcock, The Whip and the Body, Blade of the Ripper to name just a few of his works).

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