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Trapped (Region 1) - Fruet, William
Releasedatum: 4 augustus 2009
An innocent camping weekend turns into terror and murder for four young university students. Henry Chatwell (Henry Silva, OCEANS 11, SHARKEY'S MACHINE, CHAINED HEAT) tortures, stalks and kills his wife's lover, all witnessed by the students. Unable to contact the sheriff, the students return to their campsite where they are taken captive by Chatwell. Chatwell's verdict is that the students must die! Realizing he has gone too far, two villagers release the students, but they are soon recaptured one by one, except for Roger (Nicholas Campbell, THE DEAD ZONE, tv's DaVINCI'S INQUEST). Chatwell goes after Roger with an axe and the fight is on. When you are trapped like an animal...it's kill or be killed

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