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Door Into Silence (Region 1) - Door Into Silence
Releasedatum: 14 juli 2009
He was called 'The Godfather of Gore', 'Italy's Splatter King' and 'Il Maestro'. His still-controversial career included such classics as ZOMBIE, THE GATES OF HELL and THE PSYCHIC. And for his final film, writer/director Lucio Fulci returned to Louisiana - the location of his masterpice THE BEYOND - for an eerie psychological tale of the supernatural. John Savage of THE DEER HUNTER stars as a businessman who encounters a mysterious beauty, a relentless hearse and his own ultimate nightmare while driving the back roads of the desolate bayou. Sandy Schultz co-stars in this rarely seen chiller - executive produced by the infamous Joe D'Amato (EMANUELLE AROUND THE WORLD) - tha remains a must for all Fulci completists.

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