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Oasis Of Fear (Uk Import) - Lenzi, Umberto
Releasedatum: 24 november 2008
YOUNG, FREE ‘N’ KINKY BUT FOR HOW LONG? Also known as ‘Dirty Pictures’, this fabulously trippy sexploitation thriller from Umberto Lenzi (Paranoia, Cannibal Ferox, Nightmare City) is a lost classic long unavailable to fans of classy kinky flicks. In the now increasingly common madness that appears to grip Shameless they’ve dug-up never-before-seen lost footage of the eye-popping kind to present this world-first complete edit of Oasis of Fear. In addition to that the movie is being made available for the first time with the long-sought after and thought-to-be-lost English sound dub. Two young sexually free hippies, Dick (Ray Lovelock) and Ingrid (Ornella Muti) finance their travels by selling naked snaps of Ingrid until their plan is brought to an abrupt end by the Police. Forced on the run the two seek refuge at a seemingly empty isolated large villa. As it turns out the house is inhabited by the middle-aged Barbara (Irene Papas) who invites them in for some potential three-way hanky-panky that soon locks them into something far more twisted and chilling! Set to a toe-tapping catchy pop score and filled with deliciously naked female flesh this is also an intriguingly dreamy giallo from the underrated Lenzi that chills into a suspense-ridden climax. Oasis of Fear (cert. 18) will be released uncut on DVD (£12.99) by Shameless Screen Entertainment on 24th November 2008. The film will be presented as a world-first Shameless rebuild edit, remastered in 2.35:1 with English 2.0 sound. Also included on the disc is a comprehensive Shameless subtitle commentary fact track and an original trailer gallery.

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