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Cohen, Larry - Stuff (Blu-Ray+) Rb (Uk Import)
Releasedatum: 10 maart 2014

Are you eating it ...or is it eating you?

The Stuff is the new desert taking supermarket shelves by storm. It s delicious, low in calories and better still doesn t stain the family carpet... What s not to like?! Well, for a start it has a life of its own, and we re not talking friendly live bacteria...

Young Jason seems to be the only one who doesn t love The Stuff in fact he won t go anywhere near it, after having seen the pudding crawling around the fridge one night. What s more, everyone who eats The Stuff has started acting really weird... Now, teaming up with wise-cracking industrial saboteur Mo , Jason must put a stop to The Stuff and the organisation behind it or face a gooey, gloopy demise.

Coming courtesy of horror auteur Larry Cohen (director of the It s Alive series and scribe behind the Maniac Cop trilogy), The Stuff is a titillating treat for the taste-buds which blends elements of films such as Street Trash with the straight-up B-movie flavour of The Blob. So grab a spoon and dig on into The Stuff the taste that delivers... much more than you bargained for!

DVD Extra's:

Special Features:

New high definition digital transfer
Newly commissioned artwork
Collector s booklet
More to be announced!
Spoofing 1950s-era fright films like The Blob and Soylent Green, Cohen, as always, has more on his mind than just blood and gooey guts --Deep Focus Review

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers --Cinema Slasher

B-movie gold! --Bloody Crypt

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