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Virgin Among The Living Dead (Remas (Region 1) - Franco, Jesus
Releasedatum: 20 augustus 2013

This film has great cover art, but it's very misleading; there are no flesh eating zombies or monsters in the film. The entire film is strange and begins with a woman visiting some family members who live isolated in a luxurious mansion. They all look normal, but her uncle's skin is ice cold; I guess that means he's a zombie. Things now just keep getting stranger as she's around this weird group of people, and the film delivers plenty of nudity. Apparently, from what I saw from the ending, they are worshipping a woman called "The Queen of Darkness" who lives in a swamp. The film has a scene where a fully nude woman is licking the blood off another fully nude woman who she cut with a pair of scissors; but aside from that scene, there really isn't any more gore in the film, and there's also no onscreen violence. The entire film mostly consists of atmosphere, scenery, and nudity. The film is very well directed, has good music, and the films scenery is great; they picked a great place to shoot the film. The pace is a little slow in parts, but I wasn't bored by the film. The main actress is great looking, and the entire film is nice to look at because of the scenery and atmosphere; but I have a small problem with the ending. The ending makes it confusing as to how much was reality and how much was a dream. This film may not appeal to many mainstream horror fans, but I personally thought it was a great classic.

The DVD quality is great, and you get a bunch of deleted scenes for the extras.

DVD Extra's:

Jess Franco's original cut: Christina, Princess of Eroticism (79 min.), mastered in HD from the original 35 mm negative
Audio commentary by Tim Lucas, critic and co-editor of Video Watchdog
The complete alternate cut: A Virgin Among the Living Dead (90 min.), featuring zombie footage directed by Jean Rollin
French with optional English subtitles

English dubbed

Alternate erotic footage (5 min.) featuring Alice Arno

"Mysterious Dreams," a 16-minute interview with Jess Franco, directed by David Gregory, produced by Elijah Drenner

"The Three Faces of Christina," a 12-minute documentary by Daniel Gouyette on the various versions of the film

"Jess! What are you doing now?" an 8-minute homage to Jess Franco by Daniel Gouyette, featuring interviews with Franco's friends and collaborators

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€ 34.99

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