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Judgment (Region 1) - Tsujioka, Masato
Releasedatum: 23 april 2013

An ex-boxer wakes up in chains. His name is Machimura. In this unfamiliar room, he sees his old boxing partner, Matoba; and his long time rival, Ushijima; both being held captive. A woman's voice erupts: Choose which one to kill- or you die. Machimura must choose or meet his fate. Machimura chooses- but the nightmare doesn't end. He must continue choose, between the people from his past. Ex-wife. Former boss. Past lovers- Where is this going? When will it end? How many judgments must he make, before this is over?
In the tradition of SAW and BATTLE ROYALE comes a new tale of horror, JUDGMENT.

€ 30.99

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