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Christoph Irniger Trio - Gowanus Canal
Releasedatum: 27 september 2013

THE CRAWLING HAND: A manned rocket returning from the Moon is invaded by an alien life force that possesses the astronaut, maintains control of his disembodied hand after a California beach crash-landing, and then imposes its will on a local medical student (Rod Lauren). Veteran players Kent Taylor, Richard Arlen, Alan Hale Jr. and Arline Judge struggle to retain their dignity in this five-fingered sci-fiasco! Features "The Bird's the Word" by the Rivingtons! 88 mins,B&W,1963,NR,1.78:1/16x9

"Golden Turkey" fans, attention! It's a veritable voyage to the bottom of the sci-fi barrel as prehistoric "Slime People" emerge from the sewers of Los Angeles! The atom-age U.S. army is no match for this small band of spear-toting boogeymen and the city is evacuated. Left behind and forced to fight for survival are a TV sportscaster, a science professor, his two glamorpuss daughters, a bashful Marine and a nutty author in love with a sheep. "One solid hour of laughs" Psychotronic 78 mins,B&W,1963,NR,1.78:1/16x9

Bonus Features:
THE CRAWLING HAND: Theatrical Trailer THE SLIME PEOPLE: Actress Susan Hart audio interview by Tom Weaver; Theatrical Trailer

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