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Bloody Flesh (Region 0) - Mayolo, Carlos
Releasedatum: 8 januari 2013

Colombia, 1956. The military dictatorship of Rojas Pinilla runs the country with an iron fist keeping the populace under the heel of its boots. During the destruction of some of the more ancient buildings in Cali, some evil that has been lurking beneath the shadows of oblivion resurfaces. For centuries the Colombian people have kept these stories secret, but now all these unholy forces are back with a vengeance. Now, an innocent American girl who’s looking for experiences and thrills is going to experience more than she ever bargained for. Violence and incestuous sex are just a few of the forbidden pleasures she will be tasting when reality begins to unravel and she hits the fast lane to the point of no return.

Carlos Mayolo, Colombian cult director who was hired by Werner Herzog to play in Cobra verde, directs an unsettling contemporary take on the classic witchcraft horror stories. Dedicated to Roger Corman and Roman Polanski, Bloody Flesh, available for the first time in the US, is a good example of Mr. Mayolo’s keen eye for details and non-traditional storytelling. Full of surrealistic details that recall magus Jodorowski, Bloody Flesh is not only a horror film unlike any other that you might have seen, but also an unflinching political commentary.

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